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Parryware Gloss Tile cleaner & descaler 500ml

Parryware Gloss Tile cleaner & descaler 500ml I For Clean and Shiny Tiles

Brand : Parryware
Item Form : Liquid
Scent : Fresh
Specific Uses For Product : Tile
Material Feature : Natural
Item Volume : 500 Millilitres
Net Quantity : 1000 gram
Surface Recommendation : Floor, Wall
Material Type Free : Artificial Color Free
Special Feature : Antibacterial
Item part number : FCTC0103
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer : Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited

About this item

MULTIPURPOSE TILE CLEANER AND DESCALER FLOOR & WALL Parryware Gloss removes the most stubborn stains from Wall and Floor tiles, leaving the surface glossy and new. A Non- corrosive cleaner that removes dirt, dust, lime scale, scum, soap marks, grime & even the most stubborn stains that other cleaners do not help with. A heavy duty cleaner that is light on your pocket.

PARRYWARE GLOSS is a quick action cleaner that does its magic without affecting the surface. Unlike other acid based cleaners, Gloss is extremely gentle on the tile surface and leaves the surface only better.

Apply Gloss solution on the tile surface, Scrub with a Brush and rinse off with water.



Parryware SmartFlush Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Citrus 500

Product description
Parryware SmartFlush Automatic Toilet Bowl cleaner- Citrus 500*, Lasts upto 500 flushes

Brand : Parryware
Item Form : Liquid & Solid
Scent : Citrus
Specific Uses For Product : Toilet Cleaner
Item Volume : 500 Millilitres
Net Quantity : 170.0 gram
Surface Recommendation : Toilet
Number of Items : 1 Contains Liquid Contents
Item part number : FCSF0103
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer : Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited



Parryware Floorclean Floor Cleaner (Lavender) 500ML

  • Regular floor cleaner for home
  • Gives cleanliness and fragrance
  • Can be used on all surfaces (Tiles, Marble & Granite)
  • Cost effective ??? Approx half the quantity (of competition) is enough.
  • Fragrance stays for long time
  • 4 varieties
            Super lime (Yellow)
            Lavender (Violet)
            Passion (Green)
            All day freshness (Blue)

Additional information

Fragrance : All Day Freshness, Lavender, Passion, Super lime
Net Vol    : 500ML, 1L, 5L



Parryware Sanclean Toilet Cleaner (1L)

  • Toilet and Wash basin cleaner
  • Removes stain, Provides shine
  • Does not damage seat cover (competition product damages seat cover)
  • Bleach free - does not cause skin irritation

Additional information

Available Net Vol : 500 ML, 1L



Parryware Glow faucet Cleaning Solution T992499 (Pack of 1)

  • Material: Plastic bottle
  • Package contains: 1 Glow faucet Cleaning Solution
  • Easy installation: Very easy to install and use
  • Design: This designer product from Parryware has a refined look with a sleek design which helps in enhancing the beauty of the area they are installed in.
  • Parryware fittings will add a graceful charm to your bathroom or your kitchen

About this item

  • Hard Water stains, Lime scale, Soap scum can make the taps look lifeless and dull, losing the original shine.
  • Parryware Glow effortlessly removes these stains from the tap surface and gives it a new look with a hint of gleam and sheen.
  • Can be used on Taps/ Faucets in the Bathroom, Kitchen and Wash Basin.
  • Restores shine and glow of the taps with minimal very mild scrubbing. Fast-action formula makes sure cleaning is done in a jiffy.
  • Heavy Duty faucet cleaner, Non-corrosive & safe for the surface. Works on the problems without affecting or damaging the surface.
  • The product is concentrated, and hence a very little product goes a long way and does the magic.
  • Glow is easy & convenient to use- Apply the concentrated product on the surface with a sponge or cloth. Wait for 5 minutes. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and get a sparkling shine.


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