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Parryware Floorclean Floor Cleaner (Lavender) 500ML

  • Regular floor cleaner for home
  • Gives cleanliness and fragrance
  • Can be used on all surfaces (Tiles, Marble & Granite)
  • Cost effective ??? Approx half the quantity (of competition) is enough.
  • Fragrance stays for long time
  • 4 varieties
            Super lime (Yellow)
            Lavender (Violet)
            Passion (Green)
            All day freshness (Blue)

Additional information

Fragrance : All Day Freshness, Lavender, Passion, Super lime
Net Vol    : 500ML, 1L, 5L



Parryware Sanclean Toilet Cleaner (1L)

  • Toilet and Wash basin cleaner
  • Removes stain, Provides shine
  • Does not damage seat cover (competition product damages seat cover)
  • Bleach free ??? does not cause skin irritation

Additional information

Available Net Vol : 500 ML, 1L



Parryware Glow faucet Cleaning Solution T992499 (Pack of 1)

  • Material: Plastic bottle
  • Package contains: 1 Glow faucet Cleaning Solution
  • Easy installation: Very easy to install and use
  • Design: This designer product from Parryware has a refined look with a sleek design which helps in enhancing the beauty of the area they are installed in.
  • Parryware fittings will add a graceful charm to your bathroom or your kitchen